Coffee, Lunch, or Zoo? First Date-esque?

Ok typical boy likes girl story. We are mid-late 20's. She's a co-worker. Yes I realize the danger of that but I may be moving on soon and I've held off this long because of it.

We've been getting a lot more chummy lately. She and I are both very sarcastic and kids at heart. It's not flirty I would say, just friendly. Back and forth jokes at work, Facebook etc... friend type stuff.

Now we work at the city aquarium. (Not going to say which city!) I know we both love animals and I'm a member of the city zoo. I could ask her if she wanted to join me here sometime.

There is a great diner-esque spot I know of. No cheesy style. Just family burgers and breakfasts. Could make a good lunch.

And of course there's 'You want to get a cup of coffee with me sometime?' And is there a better way to ask that?

The big problem is that moments alone are RARE. I need to wait for one and make my move fast.

Oh for the record I tried once. She's an out of stater and her team was playing Monday Night Football. I asked if she wanted to go to TGIF and watch with me. She said she'd like to but she had to work (And she really did. I looked at the schedule later). So IDK.

Thoughts? Consider that I sometimes gain a window of 30-60 seconds max alone with her at a time.


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  • ZOO ZOO ZOO! \(^0^)/ No gal can resist fluffy animals! >:P

    • YAY BEST ANSWER! :D :D Thanks! :) Did the date go well? :)

    • Never happened lol. I've gotten closer and been able to slide in jokes and funny posts in person and on Facebook. She has a boyfriend right now though. Who knows? Maybe she won't later on.

      Still thanks :) I will refer back to this should the opportunity present itself

    • aww I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out yet :( but yeah keep trying and I'm sure your time will come :D

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