She isn't allowing us to spend time together, advice?

I've been dating this 17 year old girl. I'm 20, yes I know it's a little odd. Anyway, we have been dating almost 2 months. I haven't taken her on a date still. I've asked her to go a number of times with her telling me that she wants to go and looks forward to it. So I cancel the other plans with my friends so we could go somewhere. Then at about 30 min before she would cancel on me. She always had some excuse, but the most common is that she has to baby sit her little sister. At first I accepted it, it still pissed me off, but I could see that happening.

Now, after that happening about 4 or 5 times, I stopped asking her to go places. She comes over during the week for about 30 min a day. Right before she has to pick up her little sister from school. She says she wants a serious relationship, but it damn sure doesn't seem like it. I've asked her about it a couple of times and she always says she need to "step up" About 3 weeks ago she deleted me from facebook. If she doesn't want a serious relationship why is she saying that she does.

And why is she acting so f***ing odd. I don't think she has told her parents she has anew boyfriend. So I don't think she ever really asked if she could go. She says she "loves me" which I know is bull but w/e.

What I am wanting is someone that I can go places with and actually spend time with, but she isn't allowing that to happen. What should I do? Should I talk to her about it and tell her "It's been fun so far baby, but it doesn't seem like our relationship is moving. I want someone that I can go places with and spend time with, but you always cancel on me" something like that? keep in mind I have gotten serious a couple of times like 4 or 5 times since we have started dating. So I know it's got to get old, but sh*t nothing is moving it's like we are still in the 1st week of dating phase.


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  • Exact thing happened to me when I was 19 years old, I asked this 17 year old girl out on a date. She said yes and told me that she would love to go out with me and call her anytime. So I did and said hey lets go to a movie on Saturday night. She checked with her mom and had an excuse saying she was busy. So I said OK maybe next time if you have time to go out. So a second time similar thing and she tells me her family is at her apartment visiting. She lived with her mother and her mother was very protective of her. So a third time similar thing but I flat out asked her "Are you still interested in going out" she told me yes with excitement. It seemed we were gonna go out but again with her being busy. After 3 times I just said forget her, she is playing games with me and I am looking like an idiot chasing after her. She had a little brother and went to school to become a nurse plus working at an internship to get hired. It was for the best, a few years back she meet a nice guy whose older than her and they are married and have two kid with a third on the way. I saw her and her husband a few years back with her new born baby and she looked at me for a few seconds.

    If I were you, I would dump this girl and find someone who WANTS to spend time with instead of giving you the run around. She deleted you off Facebook so it should be a sign that something is going on with her. Either she's not interested in you anymore or just using you to get another guy jealous or seeing someone else. She's pretty much a tease from what your telling me as she says she wants to go out but does the opposite and has something in the way. I really don't think your ever get anywhere with this chick at all. Your basically wasting your time with her. Why not look for a girl around your age instead as I am sure a 19 year old girl ain't gonna play games with you. Best of luck.

  • Some women are teases. Don't feed her ego.

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