No first kiss?

i am 21 (guy) and still haven't had my first kiss :(

is this a problem for you girls. don't worry I am not like deformed or nothing, just so you know...


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  • you need to be more out going there should be no reason y you can't get a kiss. even if you were ugly you should still have had a kiss by now

    • The question isn't how to get a kiss just if you were dating a guy and he tells you he hasn't had it yet then what would you think?

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    • woot! lol

      btw, have you ever dated a guy you met at a club? if you have been to a club that is...

    • i've talked over the phone with them but usually the guys aren't my type in the end. and plus one guy I met up with after the club was not as cute as I thought! lol

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  • Stick with your morals! Find a decent girl and not just a drunk one. The right girl won't care if you have never been kissed. I am 18 and never been kissed. Yeah I worry about it, but I would rather have my first kiss with the right person rather than some stranger:) Good luck and never give up

  • I think that is okay. Everyone gets their first kiss at different ages. I would wonder why you haven't kissed someone, but I would not think any less of you.


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  • Go get drunk in a club and it'll come.

    Hell, say this and you're sure to get some pitty kisses from some girls.

    You're getting towards the age when virginity shouldn't be admitted though.

    • i don't drink and I don't want some random girl who has made out with everybody. yuck,

    • If non-muslim: learn to drink.

      If muslim: become non-muslim

      If you're unwilling to do any of the above: you don't have to drink to go out. I've a few muslim friends who don't drink and they go out to the pub and clubs with me just the same. And I'm not suggesting you snog the club slut, lots of pretty normal girls in clubs who are willing to kiss guys on occasion.

    • non-muslim, and the girls that go clubbing in my area are pretty, hot and cute but they ALL have this demonic dark side(metaphorically of course). hard to explain lol, just know clubbing girls not my thing. I should probably be a little more open minded but... no their all crazy.