Mixed feelings about guy, advice?

So I'm having mixed feelings about this guy I've been talking to for 2 months already. At first I had very strong feelings for him but as I got to know him more my feelings started to diminish. He's such a nice guy, sweet and anything a girl could ask for. Some days I like him but then others I question myself if I really do.

I really don't know what to do... see where things go or just cut things off? I don't wanna miss out in what's in front of me but then again I don't want to lead him on when I'm unsure of my feelings.


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  • Do not settle for a guy who you basically said your feelings diminished for after you got to know him better. I f you want to try and date him do so but make sure he knows you are just dating unless your feelings grow stronger. They may diminish entirely after you really get to know him.


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