Where do I find a girl that will treat me right?

LOL, I know it sounds odd coming from a guy because normally you only hear woman saying that. Guys are suppose to not care/feel but w/e. I want a girlfriend that treats me well. By that I mean that doesn't play games lol, or act stupid. The past couple of "girlfriends" that I have had have only used me me because I make them feel good about themselves. I always seem to get the girls that have just got out of a relationship. So I always end up being the rebound guy, they guy that gives and gives into the relationship without getting anything back but a f*** you whenever their confidence is back. Come on girls what about screams "This guy will make you feel good" and not "This guy will actually be nice to have as a boyfriend." I'm a nice guy, I like to tell my girl that she is beautiful/sexy. Text her in the morning to say good morning beautiful, pay for all the dates and what not, I just can't seem to get a girl that is actually...idk I guess wants a serious relationship?


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  • Date those that goes to church. Girls that usually go out night clubbing getting drunk aren't worth.


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  • Friend me dude =) Iv had the same problem in the past.

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