Does he find me annoying?

We've been talking for a while I'm always the one he comes to when he's upset.He's told me stuff he hasn't told anyone else and he's always calling me cute names (darling, love, etc.)...BUT he's only texted me first once..what's his deal?Am I annoying..or?


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  • He feels comfortable with you. He feels he can be carefree with you and that you won't judge him. As for the names he could be either flirting or he just likes to call you a nickname. As for the texting, how long have you guys been texting each other? If it's less then a month, don't put a lot of thought into it. If its longer, still don't worry; he could feel that if he is to text you, he could think you might be busy.

    Message me if you have questions.

    • I think about a month..I'm not too sure.So should I keep texting him first?I result to just texting him every other day incase I am a bother.

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    • Well it's not really anything I say it's just me talking to him in general that I thought might be annoying him..

    • If he thought you were annoying then he would tell you out right. Don't worry about it so much.

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  • from what you said, you don't seem annoying

  • It doesn't sound like he thinks of you as annoying. He seems to think of you as someone he can talk to and trust. Also, if he's always calling you cute names, then he probably feels close enough to you to be friendly. If he thought you were annoying, then he most likely wouldn't be acting that friendly and trusting towards you.

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