My friend wants my boyfriend?

My friend and I were raised as cousins even though we aren't technically related and for the past few months she has been dating my boyfriends brother. She has only been around my boyfriend a handful of times in the past 3 years but during those moments she has been very vocal about my boyfriend being hot and hilarious and even says that I got lucky. She tells him straight to his face how much of a catch he is and when she has been around him while drinking she touches him a lot. Little things. Like she will grab his arm and drag him to wherever she wants to go or like try to give him back massages or just hug him randomly while pushing her chest into him. It makes me uncomfortable and I have voiced it to both of them. Since then she has stated she will stop (but hasnt) where as he tries to avoid her at all costs. It doesn't work because she will literally follow him and corner him wherever he is. It's mainly when she is drinking. I will give her that much. When she is sober she doesn't do it. But now that she is dating my boyfriends brother and just moved in with him, I am having a really hard time getting over my insecurities, though I have spoken to them both about it. So he is on his way to go hang out with his brother and she is there and she has never been with my boyfriend without me there before and I am terrified that now that I am not there, she may step over boundaries and be inappropriate. My boyfriends brother is very laid back and doesn't think that she is being inappropriate even though she has openly tried kissing my boyfriends neck when she is drunk. I know I am overreacting because my boyfriend would literally never do that to me. He is madly in love with me and it is so obvious. But I dont trust her. How do I overcome this?
My friend wants my boyfriend?
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