Would you date someone that was paralyzed?

Pink2000 s
So basically I see this guy almost everyday when I get home or when I’m leaving. He lives across the street and he just watches me from the porch. He’s wheelchair bound, he became paralyzed 3 years ago. He waved for me to come across the street and I did and we exchanged numbers. I have a boyfriend already which I explained to him but he’s new in town so I figured he just needed a friend. He asked me out on a date (I told him maybe after I’m single) I really didn’t wanna hurt the guys feelings. I didn’t want him to think I was just brushing him off because he’s in a wheelchair. I feel bad for him. But I started thinking that I really would not want to be with him even if I was single. I know it’s not his fault but he’s obviously limited to what he can do. My mom says I have him false hope.
Would you date someone that was paralyzed?
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You guys , my boyfriend knows !! I tell him everything. I thought the guy needed a friend because my mother taught me to be friends with everyone ! He doesn’t have any friends here because he’s new to the city. Before asking for my number , he asked me where the movie theatre was and where some good restaurants are. Yes I felt bad for him. Yes I gave him my number. I’m allowed to have friends. I can’t be an asshole all the time. But I understand I shouldn’t have lied to him.
Would you date someone that was paralyzed?
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