I told my boyfriend (now ex) that my ex’s dick was bigger?

This was a while ago while we were fighting. He was the one who brought it up and didn’t accept me not answering or saying it doesn’t matter. We were fighting because he would compare me to his ex all the time in a very malicious way and I had never done anything like this to him to justify his actions. A whole two months later he randomly brings it up and goes crazy. I told him I said it out of spite and apologized but his insecurity won’t let him let me fix things. It’s to the point I just feel like he doesn’t want to let me fix anything. I got over him telling me his ex was prettier, smarter and would get wetter? I know that’s so dumb but I forgave him for all the messed up shit he did. But I feel like he’s purposely doing this to get rid of me. And I don’t care, I won’t stick around if I’m not wanted but he won’t stop calling now. I don’t want to keep repeating this cycle my entire life. Is he toxic? Should I cut him off for good?
I told my boyfriend (now ex) that my ex’s dick was bigger?
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