Should I date while pregnant?

I'm 15weeks pregnant, and the father does not wish to be involved. He has however decided he does want to continue having sex.

Two other men are interested in dating me. The first, is an ex-boyfriend. We broke-up because of distance and have stayed in touch, he claims he loves me and wants to help support me and my child.

The other we just recently met, and he knows I'm pregnant as well, and would like to date.

I'm not sure if I should date either guy, who is not my unborn babies father or if I should just consider having sex with my babies father-and maybe he will come around.

*My babies father does already have 2 boys, has custody of one son and sees the other.

I'm also, not sure if I feel comfortable having sex with a man that isn't my child's father, but I don't know if I can wait until I have my child.

This is confusing me, some say its just hormones.

Any advice on what to do or what not to do? Anything? lol


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  • wow didn't think guys would date a pregnant girl that's kinda strange


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  • i personally wouldn't date a prego, but I know there's guys who would even be turned on by it.

  • do whatever makes you happy. as long as you not breaking any laws, endangering yourself, I can't see a problem.


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  • Not to tell you what to do or anything like that, but think about you and your childs future. Can you be sure that they will stick around in a serious relationship with a child? Or will they stay for a while, but then leave if/when things get harder? I just don't want the child to get used to someone as a father figure, and then have them leave. Also, sex during pregnancy won't hurt the baby if your not too rough or anything like that.

    • I know sex during pregnancy won't harm the baby, but I personally don't know if id want a man who isn't the father in that area.

      I do know one of the men would most likely stick around, but no matter how serious a relationship there are no guarentees.