My guy friend who I have a crush on.....should I ask him out?

basically I have a guy friend who I liked for a while he recently broke up with his ex 4 months ago it was a short term relationship which lasted for three months. anyway he hasn't dated since...recently on facebook he said on his status that if girls want to make him offers who is he to say no to I really want to ask him out but I don't know if he's truly over his ex and he's just looking for a rebound girl cos its seems to me judging by his status that he doesn't mind any offers from any girl even from someone he's not that into and I don't want to be his rebound girl...guys and gals what is your take on this?


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  • If you want a chance at happiness, you're going to have to take it. Make sure he likes you first.

    • but do you think he's over her though it seemed like he doesn't care who asks him he's just lonely? do you think he wants to rebound or looking genuenly looking

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