Is he over his ex girlfriend?

Long story short, they were together for almost a year. I know he loved her(probably still does), they got engaged and then she broke it off. I know he was hurt. She moved on pretty quickly, he waited three months before moving on, which is where I come in.

I know they still have feelings for each other, she got jealous when she found out we were dating, they send each other messages back and forth on facebook and texts(nothing too nasty, just kinda big FUs). We're all graduating this spring and our group of friends is all the same people, he's worried about her and her new boyfriend making a big deal and possibly starting a fight while we're all there together. I understand trying to stay friends with your ex and how hard it is to get over someone you love, but one of the reasons she broke up with him is because he kissed one of his ex's. I just need to know if this is something he will get over(I mean get over his ex) or if I'm just a rebound girl or the girl that he's using to get back at his ex. Thoughts?


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  • how long have you guys been dating?

    • A little over a month

    • yeah I think you're a rebound. that's really fast for him to try to move on(and her for that matter) she wants to get over him and in turn he wants to get over her. Which means they aren't over each other, doesn't mean they won't be but it sounds like they are both still invested in the emotions they still have for each other (negative ones as well) just don't invest too much into this for awhile you don't want to get your heart broken in the process of them working out what they're gonna do.