When your best guy friend is in love with you?

Okay. Story:

We've known each other for four years now. He's very unpopular and I sort of protect him against the popular guys.

I'm outside popularity rankings (hate the popular people and wannabe's, give them my opinion about them easily... You know how it works in high schools)

I found out he is in love with me. He didn't tell me, I had to hear it from my boyfriend, who happens to be his best friend.

My best friend refuses to give up, makes my boyfriend looks bad, they kind of hate each other, but they're also best friends. I don't know what to do, since both are not being honest with me. (I need to hear that my boyfriend hates the situation through the two lady friends in this group of friends. Great.)

What to do, how to discourage him, how to solve this problem without letting the friend group fall apart (which is already happening because of the many secrets) or chasing anyone away?

I'm desperate. This friend group is the last resort for 4 out of 5 persons in it. That complicates it even further.


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  • I would just have a talk with him about how much you cherish the friendship the two of you have and how you would hate for anything to happen to that, etc. If he refuses to back down, you might have to get strict and tell him that if you have to choose between him and your boyfriend, you're going to choose your boyfriend so please don't force you to make that decision.


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