Just started dating and found out he was sleeping with a former cut buddy...

I recently found out the guy I have been dating for almost 2 months had sex with a former cut-buddy after we started sleeping together. I know he cares about me and I care about him. Should I continue to work past it or call is quits? He told her that was the last time they would be together (I saw the texts) and I know he doesn't care about her but I don't want this to happen again down the road.


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  • If it wasn't an exclusive relationship than he's done nothing wrong and if he's told her that was the last time then I would say go for it if you care about each other.


    • We hadn't discussed it being exclusive so that's kind of how I was seeing it...thanks!

  • What's a "cut-buddy"?

    And were you two officially dating when he slept with her or no?

    • "Cut-buddy" is someone you sleep with but usually have no feelings for...they have never dated, just had sex.

      We weren't completely official but he was at my house 5/7 of the week.

    • oh. He probably assumed it was OK then. If you were supposedly just going for NSA sex that implies that you *don't* want a commitment, so you shouldn't care unless he was banging fifty other girls with no condom and you two weren't using condoms so you were at risk of getting an STD.

    • We weren't just sex...we play house lol

      It's all good now, I think I got what I need to know. Thanks guys ;)

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