Is it possible to date a woman 4 years older than you? What catches a 23 year old's attention to talk about?

Well, I met this woman who is 23 years old, I'm currently 19, but I'm interested in her, and was wondering, how should I talk to her or approach her to impress her or gain interest in me? Is it possible to start dating someone 4 years older than you? I tend to think more older women aren't the same as girls my age, and talk about different things, so what are good conversations to talk about with them and how to be to gain their interest to at least give me a chance?


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  • Girls at 23 can be very different in what they talk about and how they become interested. It depends on where they are in life. Some 23 year olds are married and have kids. Some have a full time job and are only interested in finding "the one" and getting married. Some are still studying and in no rush of finding a husband and are mostly interested in having fun (not too different from the girls your age). So find out what she does everyday and just be interested in her. People love to talk about themselves so ask questions. It is a good way of getting a conversation going.

    • well she's done with college already, she's single, and she's religious, but I'm just wondering if it would end up more difficult or not, I don't want to lose a chance just because of my age.

  • Ok I'm going to be honest here I really don't think you have a chance because most girls tend to be wierded out by the thought of dating a younger guy but not all of them. my advice go ahead and try but don't make a fool of yourself...


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