What are your actions after so many dates?

Well my question is a three parter:

1:) When you go out on the first date and you had a good time what are you most inclined to do for the guy at the time when you and he part for the night?

2:) On the second date and you had a good time again what are you inclined to do with him? Ex. Kissing, long hug, peck on the cheek? And if the guy was acting on his own would you accept a kiss, hug ect?

3:) Basically the same as the other questions, what are your actions on the third date? I'm assuming that no kiss at the end of the third date means the girl really isn't that into you. And may just be going on date with you because she is nice and doesn't want to tell you no.


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  • kiss him goodnight and plan for another time. yea. id tell him id like to be more than friends if I like him alot

    • Can you be a little specific? I mean on what dates would you do that?

    • ones with guys that make me feel comfortable not wanting to rape you if you see a movie. when things feel right, after leaving just can't keep them off your mind those

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