Should I kiss him or let him kiss me? (It's his first kiss)

Alright so this is a long story but I'll just give the main points of it.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months,and everyone is pressuring us in kissing. We both want to kiss each other, specially him since is his first kiss, but he says he is "terrified" to kiss me because he thinks I won't like his kiss. And one of his friends told me that he thinks I think that he's just dating me because of the kiss and then brake up with me. Anyways he keeps bringing up the subject and says that he's going to kiss me but he never does. I don't want to put any pressure in him but he says he really wants to kiss me, and I really don't know what to do.


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  • Wait! You're 20 and you've been dating for 4 months and not kissed this guy yet.? I almost do not know what to say. I do think he is terrified. To kiss a girl. I don't think he wants to kiss you or he would have by now. And he probably won't. Either you have put out signals that say you don't want to be kisses or that boy is gay.

    If he does kiss you, I don't think it will be his first kiss.

    Walk away from this one.

    • No I'm actually 18 (friends did account for me) and my boyfriend is 17

    • I'm not sure that changes my answer.

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