What's the chance he's waiting for me to call or text..why isn't he?

send him a rude text saying no longer cell..he never replied been more than weeks...he don't know how crazy I am over him


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  • I have to agree he probably doesn't know what your text meant, I am still not sure. If you have difficulty typing or writing clearly (or you use a lot of cryptic abbreviations) not to be mean but maybe don't even bother texting and don't text when your mad or upset at someone its easier to say something you'll regret later. If he's not calling or texting you anymore well he probably actually does think you told him not too that or he thinks your playing games either way the results are the same. If you want him back please don't write him. Talk to him directly clarify that you are interested in him and explain that strange text. If If you've been playing games stop screwing around with a guy you seriously like! If you are the insecure sort and wait by the phone all the time make sure you don't forget about your actual life! Hang out with friends, exercise, study, get a part-time job, volunteer whatever just have your own life and don't rely on one person for your happiness that's just too much to ask. Whatever you do if you like this guy don't try and make him jealous don't be flirting with a bunch of other guys. Just be clear!


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  • You told him not to text or call him again and you want him to? LOL

    If I got a text like that I would simply go delete contact, delete all messages. You no longer exist to me.

    • i never said...dont text me or call..me wtf..man I said no longer cell...<

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    • Your English is hard to follow I assume it is your second language. That is the thing with games, if you keep acting like you don't like him then he will really thing you don't like him. Some guys have self-respect you know? They don't chase women that don't give them attention. I am like that for one, the second you start disrespecting me or being rude I will leave and never speak to you unless you apologize. I can find better so not going to sweat it.

    • Yes this is my second language. But you got it all wrong there's so much to this story and love for him...but he's the one that need to say sorry and stop playing games if he is idk..but I'm not playing games I'm just not playing hard to get or easy to get... ya he don't know I had a new number but I just said no longer cell, and I wanted to see if he would ask..well I just thought he would..ur kinda right about guys don't like when they have to chase for the girl but very few love it..for me I like

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