My friend is seeing a girl 10 years younger and she is starting to not want to hang out with him, etc.

He is 28 and she is 18. She is starting to give him the brush off and he asked her if her parents didn't like him and she said no that they loved him but he doesn't believe it. What may really be going on?


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  • You want to know why she is giving him the brush off? there could be lots of reasons but you have to ask her yourself.

    why is it that you really want to know anyways? If I were you, it would be none of my business and I wouldn't really get involved with it. I would know that my friend is old enough to figure it out himself if he was worried that he is wasting his time. I'd let him live an learn.

    Other than that, do you know the girl well? Are there too much differences between what the girl wants and what the guy wants? Usually at 18 the girl might still not know what she wants to do with her life while at 28 the guy may already know.