Are we "dating"?

We met off a dating site. First date we went to dinner. Second date was lunch and a museum. Dates three-six he's cooked me dinner and we watched a movie. He's been very respectful and we've taken things slowly, physically.

Even though we don't go out, he cooks dinner and doesn't let me help. He also cleans everything up and lets me pick the movie. We both like being alone and talking and not being in a crazy crowded bar (I live in NYC).

...are these still considered dates or hanging out? He's made it clear he likes me, attracted, and wants to be there for me and support me.


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  • Yes ... how the heck could this be not dating?

    Cooking you dinner? My god, that's a BIG THING. Have you cooked for him yet?

    • I was worried we fell into the "hang out" friends category. Thought I'd ask in case we did ;)

      I've offered to cook for him but his apartment and bed are bigger than mine. Cooking me dinner is a big thing, really? That's awesome news. Because he cooks WHATEVER I want- anything I ask for...overall he'd do anything I asked. I'm not using him- I don't mean it like that! But he wants to please me and gosh, it's so refreshing and makes me happy :)

    • He is in love with you. Mark my words. Doing whatever he can to make you happy, pleasing you, complimenting you = his cards are revealed. And cooking what YOU want? Haha ... holy crap. There is a possible problem with this scenario though - if he keeps this up for the long-term relationship, you'll get bored and annoyed with it. He'll have to call his own shots at some point and make it a surprise on your behalf.

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  • hell if you don't date him I will... ;)


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  • Yes you are definitely dating, and it sounds like he's very into you. Cooking what you want, cleaning, AND not pressuring you for sex? Ding ding ding we've found a winner. Lucky girl!