How would you respond to this date invite?

So I'm going to invite this guy that I really like on a date this Friday. I'm thinking a sushi dinner date would be nice. Guys how would you respond to this invite? What would make you say yes? What would make you say no?


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  • Mmm sushi good choice, easy to eat and chat, and just the right amount of classy.

    I'd say yes, assuming I was interested in getting to know you better.

    What would make me say yes? You ask me a little bit shy or nervously, like you aren't sure if I have plans that night or something, since I seem like a busy dude. It would make me say yes because I can never say no when somebody looks a bit vulnerable / takes a chance.

    What would make me say no? She tells me to bring my chequebook. Or I'm already taken. Other than that, I always respect when a girl makes the first move, and bonus points go to more creative dates like sushi. No offense, the coffee / drink dates can get a bit stale.


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  • make sure he will eat sushi first...guys love for a gal to ask them out

  • I friggen love sushi so... There is nothing that would make me say no lol.

  • Yes I see what you did there, making him like that raw fish smell and taste so he won't mind going down on you, clever

    I love sushi anyway though


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