Is my situation completely hopeless or can I fix it?

Ok so there's this guy, I'll call him M. I've liked him for like a month or two now, but I didn't wanna tell him because every time I've told a guy I liked him I've gotten hurt. I told my best friend, though, who we'll call J. So M asked J if he knew if I liked him, and J said yeah I did. On Friday night I found out my friend and likes me and and and J the each other. J had made me mad by telling M and a couple other things, so I decided to get back at him by basically leading and to believe I liked him. So and was gonna ask me out, but I REALLY didn't want that so I said I wasn't allowed to date. He still told people we were dating and it got around to M and j told him too after I told him to mess with him. So I fixed that part, but and still thinks I like him and he still wants to go out with me but in reality I don't like him at all! What do I do?


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  • all I read was about a girl who got hersel stuck in a situation due to her own fault. be honest and tell him "I don't like you"

    • Yup. That's what happened :/ I feel really bad tho and that just seems so harsh...