Should I tell him I like him, and try and get a date with him?

I've liked this guy for about two years, I like him a lot. At first it was probably just lust and what not, but now I have a deep respect for him as a person in general. Through that 2 years I've gotten pretty close to him! On facebook though! I've hung out with him a few times just with mutual friends. He's very shy when it comes to relationships. And at times I think he does like me. I'm just really nervous to tell him I like him, I don't want to spoil anything. When I say we have everything in common, I'm not exaggerating. We really do, we can talk for hours. So that's why he's more important than just any guy.


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  • Here's how I see it. If you want something you have to take a risk, because if you don't take a risk you'll miss 100% of the time. And by risk I mean try and talk to him in person and get to know him better in person so that you can see him face to face and see how he acts around you. Since he is shy it will be hard trust me I am shy around girls and relationships, but sooner or later he will get used to being around you and that is when you make a move and tell him (if he hasn't made a move at that point) But if he doesn't seem interested or is just being too shy then you have to either move on or just straight up tell him how you feel or else you may fall or already be in the friend zone seeing as how it's been TWO years. Either way I wish you luck and hope all goes well for you cause from what you've put he does seem to like you as only you yourself can fully know if he does or not =)

    • Yeah haha, he's been a time investment. I had met him at a little get together with other friends. So I had to build a friendship from scratch. The times I've hung out with him he's offered me his seat (since I was sitting on the floor at a friends house) and I don't know if this is a sign but whenever I talk to him in person he is always looking me in the eye. Once I looked at him and he was staring at me, so I smiled and he smiled then I looked away haha. I thought he would have looked away :P

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