Will he stay happy with me? Is this a good sign or a bad one?

You could look at it either way... I think I could use a guy's perspective. I'm not my boyfriend's usual type of girl. In the past he's only dated materialistic girlie girls. I'm more of a laid-back, "one of the guys" kinda girl.

My boyfriend told me he's never met a girl like me. He's always telling me that he's never had a girlfriend who does _____ before. One of these things is smoking pot, which is a good thing to him because he smokes too. He said he's never actually loved hanging out with his previous girlfriends as much as he does with me.

When we first started hanging out, he told me that he wasn't really looking for a relationship, and if he did get into one, it wouldn't be with a girl like the ones he's dated before. So because of that I know that I probably shouldn't be worried, but I can't help it. Things are still new for us, and I'm just worried that he'll end up getting bored with me after the novelty has worn off because I'm not the kind of girl he usually goes after.

Guys what do you think? Do you think he'll stay this happy with me or do you think he's more likely to lose interest?

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  • Sounds like it could go either way like Impex said. Since he wasn't looking for a relationship in the beginning, you might be either a rebound or he got involved with you because he knew you guys didn't really have a future since you're different. For wahtever reason, I would be careful of him if you like him and he's not ready for a relationship and you are. Just a thought. It could also be that he is sick of those girls and wants to settle down more with a down to earth girl similar to him. I would look at the people in ihis life and see if you match up to them and fit in. I've noticed that if I go after guys that aren't my type but try them since what I was doing hasn't worked, it ends shortly after since it's not what I'm used to and find it's not what I like. If it's still new, it's too early to tell. best of luck!

    • Well I don't think it's a rebound cause he and his ex broke up over six months ago. I also don't think he's the type of guy who would get into a relationship and plan on it not working out. He was with his ex for 6 years and the girl before her for 2 years. We get along great and we have a ton in common. I know that he is sick of those kinda girls, that was why he didn't want a relationship. I'm not doubting his intentions, I'm just worried that his feelings won't last. Thanks!

    • Have you talked to him about those fears? Maybe he could reassure you that everything is fine. While 6 months is a decent amount of time, a 6 year relationship takes a long time to get over, from what I've seen, so while he might not be in love with her, he might still be dealing with some of the issues and hurt it left him with, so he might be cautious and not as eager to jump into a relationship yet. Just a wild guess. You take a gamble with everyone and hope the feelings last but who know

    • I really don't know, but I would do your best to show him you're the opposite of the bad qualities he found in those girls so that you come out on top. Really highlight them and the connection you share with him so he doesn't wander back to his normal traits. It can sometimes be hard to adjust to different relationships so try to make it a smooth one for him since I know that why I switched "types" I was not satisfied since they didn't have enough of the things that I liked in the other guys.

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  • Well, either two ways can occur, either he does lose interest in you simply because you don't meet the girlie girl criteria or he could find something new, your personality type, and become ineterested and want to stay with you to see how things could turn out.

    Based on his actions it might seem like he's more inclined to give you a chance and see how things might go, he seems failry happy with what is new, but not knowing how his personlaity is when it comes to long term things I counlt say whether he would feel the same way about you about 2 months from now.

    • It seems like once he decides to be with a girl, he sticks with her. He was with his last girlfriend for 6 years and the girl before her for 2. But again, they were both girlie girls... I guess only time will tell.

    • Exactly I find that most of the time that if you just give things time then you will know...its killing inside but the only sure fire way.

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