If I'm still upset over my ex, should I date someone new?

I don't ever want to be with my ex again, and told him this when he tried to date me again, but I'm still hurt about what he dragged me through and having a hard time getting over it. I started dating a new guy, and now I have all of these nightmares about my ex. I don't know if it's a warning that I'm not over it yet and back off. I like the new guy, and can see a future with him, but I'm not overly excited like usual iwth a new guy and don't know if it's because I'm still hurt over my ex or because I don't like him as much. What should I do? Iv'e been taking it slow and he's fine with that but I'm worried I'm fooling myself into being ready. I know I'll only sit around and mop about my ex if I don't date. And why shouldn't i? I want a boyfriend and deserve a nice one and not my awful ex. He's not thinking of me so why should I care about him?


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  • yeah be careful, it does sound like you might not like the new guy as much and maybe are you just with him to get over your ex? take your time to figure if you really like this guy or maybe you really aren't over your ex.