He doesn't text or call?

Ok so I feel really cheesy for asking this on here but here it goes. So I like a guy, he was in a relationship for a couple years now he is out of it. We flirt, but barely talk and I told him I liked him and he was like "oh I didn't know that etc" so he hasn't asked me out of anything... Like wtf! He said I was pretty and he asked me out a back in December but I didn't like him at that time so I turned him down. So I just told him this about a week ago and nothing... And he doesn't text or call since I got his number Friday... ughh what to do?


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  • He remembers that you turned him down, and he doesn't want to be shot down again. Saying you like him is a big step to take, but maybe flirtaciously suggesting a date would be a direct enough signal for him.


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