When you're on a date, how picky are you?

On looks?


Sense of humor?

And clothing style?

In 3 words, describe your perfect date. Like the person, not the whole event. Thanks!


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  • My girl friend.


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  • I've never been on a date. At this point I'll take almost anything as long as I find them not unattractive.

    • lol--Have you asked women out? :/ I sort of find that astounding. I've been on loads of dates and although not every one of them have gone great (or even close), its been fun! It's a learning experience. You really get to understanding what you like and don't like!

    • Nope I haven't.

    • Me once. We just went to drink something, lasted for about 3 hours. After that I sent her an sms if she liked it. Never answered lol.

What Girls Said 1

  • Well, he has to show genuine interest in me or else I will just shut off.

    Also, he must be a good listener, intelligent, and a nice person.

    I don't think that's picky at all. What do you think?

    Perfect date (Not three words but oh well) lol-

    1) A man with long hair down to his bum. (so hot) lol-

    A little picky with that one. But I can't help it! It's my Native American ancestry taking over! lol

    2) Great listener.

    3) Educated.

    That's just my opinion.