Girls, If a one of your friends were seducing your date would you want him to tell you?

It would break up the group of close friends. What would be the outcome if I say some or not.


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  • It's best to tell the friend in question to stop and that you have no interest.

    Also, you should not get involved in relationships between two women, it will only lead to our demise. So your only concern should be for yourself. Your date will eventualy see her friends true colors regardless.

    • well the problem lies in the fact my date won't talk to me because of what ever was said. So I have word it in the positive. Like saying I would but I have feeling for you? I don't know how...

  • hell yea tell me! if he didn't tell me then I would think he was a dog and messing around with her anyway. if she would try to seduce my boyfriend then that bitch wasn't my friend anyway so I would want to know so I could cut her from my circle


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