Why do guys hang out with girls?

I have always wondered that. I hang out with guys because I can get away from all of the drama and the cattiness. So why would a guy want to hang out with all of that drama and cattiness?


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  • Hey, not every girl is catty and drama. I am a girl and can't stand it. All of my friends are low key, and I refuse to be part of the drama. I either walk away or end up yelling at the girl to shut up :)

    My boyfriend has a lot of girl friends, and I have met most of them- they are all lower key (the fun kind I can hang out with too) except for his guy friend's girlfriends, who are more drama loving.

    I have seen him in situations with drama loving girls- most of the time, he just has a confused expression on his face, and doesn't say anything. It is pretty funny actually.

    • Oh I didn't mean to say every girl is caddy and dramatic-- I am actually just like you... low key and pretty laid back and easy to be with. There are just many women who are very dramatic and just caddy and I don't understand why men would want to be around that kind of a person.

    • The guys I know that like drama women are also very drama for a straight guy. It isn't as noticable as with girls, but I can definately tell when some guys are gossip and drama queens- luckily, they are a lot easier to stand than the girl ones.

  • I'm realt not sure why guys hang out with girls because there is a lot of drama with girls/women. But I hang out with guys all the time. I get along with them better for some reason. Ever since middle school. I do have female friends tho. But only one I am close to because we are like the same. I do have my girlish side when dressing up and makeup and such but I enjoy most of the guy stuff. Like football cars motorcycles. Most women don't enjoy that and we tend to complain a lot or so that's what I have seen. Guys really don't so I enjoy their company. I don't think I helped but just wanted to answer.