Should I wait for him to text me?

Me and this guy have talked 4 like a month I text him every night he always asks if I'm comin over and answers right away...ive stayed every night for like a week.. should I wait for him to text me or continue this pattern I guess


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  • Are you intending to have sex with him? Because it's possible he thinks that's where it's leading. If you want this to be more than that, I'd cool it and tell him you're busy a couple of times. There IS such a thing as being too available. I know it's hard because what you want is to see him but you don't need him getting ideas that you're at his every beck and call. Do you initiate the texts? If so, don't do it! Especially if you're the one initiating the "so ... am I coming over to your place?"

    • actually we already had sex ...i am blushing now..and I just text him first like say hey and he always says so you cominn over.. but wats crazy is he doesn't even want to have sex usually we just hang out cuddle watch tv..this guy is super confusing

    • Well, it is what it is, no need to be shy about it. Just make sure you don't accidentally end up coming off as easily accessible sex for him. If you guys just chill w/o sex then it doesn't sound like a bad arrangement, just be careful. Guys think the most off the wall things when you're not paying attention to how you're conducting yourself.

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