Still like me or not?

Here is a shy guy like me but he didn't do a first move. All my friends asked me to do the first move. So, I do the first move that I'm jogging with him only. But after that, I don't know why he started don't want to go out even though we are going out in a group. Before that, we are going out together every time in a group.

He said that he will ask me out for lunch during working days but until now he didn't ask me out for lunch. I don't know why because that day, I didn't do anything worse. So, I'm confuse whether he still like me or not? Please tell me why?


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  • Hey shy or not...if the door was open and he isn't going through then there just isn't the interest or he has someone else he is dealing with that you may not be aware of. If he wants to go out with you he will ask. He either doesn't dig you that much or is gay. Don't take it personally.

  • If he hasn't asked you out yet and it's been at least a week, it's probably not going to happen.


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