Should I call him or text him even though we have not talked in a month?

i still not over him and I just caint belive he's not even calling me or sh*t...i think about him all the time..last text was like 20 days ago pretty lame text..i guess he's over me but I still feel like he's not..i like him a lot and miss he so dearly


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  • If your interested call him, if you don't stop complaining


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  • Call him? And there is a spellcheck button at the bottom of the text box.

    • lol ha ha ok..but ya I don't know there is so much to the story but its been so long and I'm just so wanting him he's killing me..and I can't call..he needs to.

    • Ok, but if the lion is not coming out to the bait, you need to become the lioness.

      Relationships are a two way street. ; )

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  • Is this an ex boyfriend or just some guy who you still have a crush on?

    • some boy I have a crush on..does it differ? if he was my bf

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    • thats where I'm getting at he's not doing it..i hate it do death!

    • Well I suppose you have to show him that you're interested in maintaing contact with him so just give him a call. Good luck to you two.