Around what age do women get over the entitlement complex that men must pay for their stuff and ask them out?

Shouldn't feminism have made it so women pay their own way and ask men out?


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  • Some people men & women never outgrow their sense entitlement.

    Some men will forever be seeking a supermodel while forgetting that women are less visual not blind and that a woman will overlook appearance if she likes the personality.

    Sadly there is o universal personality.

    Some women will continue to wait on Prince Charming while not realizing they're no Cinderella.

    Question Asker if you think "Women are not equal to men" then why should they act as equals and pay their own way and ask men out?


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  • I am totally comfortable asking guys out and I always offer to pay for some of the date. Most guys refuse to let me pay though but that's their deal. I think it's best to go Dutch or take turns paying for the whole date because it's dating, not one person courting the other ;) I find it flattering when I am asked out so I'll return the favor and boost a guys ego. I've been okay asking guys out since freshman year of high school so I guess that's 14-15 years old. But I still know some entitled girls my age at 18 who can't imagine a guy not catering to their every will and paying for expensive dates. They are the minority by far and aren't great girlfriends in general but they give girls a bad name

  • I will never get over it but that's just me. I wouldn't date a guy that didn't pay for me and I don't ask men out. I'm not Gloria Steinem

    • Good luck in life.

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    • Men who make up excuses for not paying for dates are undesirable to women. Men who can't/won't ask women out are undesirable to women. So sorry guys, can't take any of you seriously.


    • This fails to answer the fundamental question of why, in a supposedly gender equal society, should a man's job be to please or compete for the woman? This is special treatment completely at odds with egalitarian thought, and its roots are in the arcane courtship rules that society has long since shrugged off.

  • I don't think men should be required to pay I actually like to pay for my date sometimes too its nice to mix it up. Keeping tabs is not something I do but sharing with someone you care for feels great. I think when a gifts given (be it a physical objects or a romantic evening) it should be done so without expectations, willingly. When I like a guy I usually buy them candy unless they don't like candy, Sometimes I will make them cookies or something I must be from the past lol. I think its up to an individual if I really like someone or want to get to know them I will try to get to know them because I don't want regrets of having done nothing. So I do approach and I will say how I feel. I can be painfully shy though and awkward but I try. I imagine if a guy responded to my efforts with interest I'd ask him I don't mean he has to buy me stuff or declare love but I mean just if he seemed to be enjoying talking to me and such. I have never been on a date without a relationship I know its backwards but I will get asked to be a couple and then will go out but we are already exclusive. I am not sure why it happens that way for me so I guess I am a little out of touch with normal dating methods. I do know I will approach. When I was very young I actually approached the most popular guy in school and well that was my awkward stage (I am so glad I don't look like that now) and we were together 2 years pretty good for an awkward 12 year old I think and a pretty long time for that age. I don't like rejection but I will fight through it. I do like being pursued just as you want a girl who will initiate I enjoy it as well, I don't feel entitled and I don't feel it solely rests on the man, I mean women have to be active too =)

  • I'm sorry but I am not a feminist. I do appreciate gentlemen everywhere that know proper etiquette when taking out a lady. Their mothers taught them well :).

    • At one point I was nice like that. Took a woman out for 200 dollar dinner and figured out literally that night she was dumping me. Few weeks later I figured out she had been f***ing my roommate the entire time.

      If I could legally beat her to death, I would.

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    • Not to mention I always consider the distance he has to drive in order to meet me, so I will always offer to drive first.

    • Sorry to bombard you with so many comments, but a man paying for dinner is just something I consider common decency because it is just like having manners. I am well mannered so I would hope that I am dating someone just as well mannered. Others I guess are not taught that way, so I guess I can understand the negative votes.

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  • There is no age. It depends on the girl. Some are hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. Most women these days don't even understand feminism.

    The girl I'm seeing now brings me flowers, drives to me every other time, and treats me to dinner every other time. Got a winner :P

    Take your time getting your wallet out on the first date. If she doesn't offer to split the bill - you shouldn't ask her out again. I'm not saying you should ask her to, or accept her offer. But she better make the offer.

    • Wisdom.

    •'s nice for the guy to offer to pay the bill but I always offer to split it and nake sure to carry enough $ to pay for the whole date just in case the guy is a loser who "forgot" his wallet. What really annoys me is when girls don't even bring their wallet on a date, talk about being entitled. I think both people should pay equally because dating should be mutual interest/attraction/etc

    • I agree. I don't even ask women out anymore. Most aren't worth the hassle, and most attractive women are either sluts that have been with over 2 guys or have a bad entitlement complex or both

  • They're called cougars dude lol

    • Older women? No thanks.

    • You don't know what you're missing. But in regards to your question that will apply to all women. There are two types ones who are career driven and are not interested in having a family and want to support themselves and feel that men and women can do the same things will buy you things and take care of you and insist on paying the bill or splitting it. The other type are the girls who believe men and women have different roles that men are the provider and they are the princess.