Who should I choose?

#1 guy his name is HENRY I know you him for about 7 years and we have been through so much at the beginning we were like brother and sister and always looked out for each other and yes feeling got in the way and I went out with him for about 2 years and 4 month...make a long story short we lost trust and are arguments got a little to serious ...and one day he didn't even show up to my birthday cause he went with his get to friends...of course there is more to the story, but he has a good heart and we were engaged his family loves me and I can say the same I saw him as my husband and my future with him..

guy #2 Jordan I met him at school and he was not my type but I love what he does and his attitude so we went out for about a year he gave me a ring to...he is a great guy and fights for me but he lied and I lie to and our relationship is really bad right now cause I still think about guy #1 I respect both of them cause they deal with my bs for a long time but I don't know if I should choose neither Henry or Jordan of course there is more story to tell but both of them have negatives and positive but I think maybe Jordan please HELP


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  • why chose? be independent and when the time is right one will come back to you and you'll know it's mean to me...or neither will and you'll find someone better...don't make decisions on either of them, they need to prove themselves to you and you shouldn't settle for less or even settle for someone you have to ask other people about...so my suggestion would be to gain your independence back and be yourself! summer is coming up and it's a good time to weigh all your options...that's just my opinion after reading all of this

    • true that I agree...will see if I can make that chose

  • You sound like my friend who happens to be my ex, she also had the same trouble you pose in your question. She was caught between her first love who she also knows for 7yrs ironically and me who she has known 3yrs (I was her Jordan). I fought for her but she choose him over me and now she regrets it, they argue constantly and things have gone from bad to worse. Truth is I'm still fighting for her to show her I will always be there and always believe in her something he never did. He treats her bad and doesn't care about he just keeps her around for his leisure. So sad. Hope you choose the right guy.

    • thank you so much that means a lot to me..:) you have a great heart and I hope she will come back to u

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