Why won't he text or call me?

I've recently posted about this problem I am dealing with and would love to hear some advice.

I've been spending quite some time with a man who connects very well with me. Every now and then he invites me over and we spend the night talking, and it usually ends up where we fall asleep cuddling. I have so many feelings for him and I know he feels the same way because he does these certain things that you can just tell he's so into me. For instance, I find he staring at me when I'm not looking at him, he's always smiling and laughing, he focuses all his attention on me, he calls me beautiful, he always touches my face and hair...etc. Its so great but there is one issue.

Before I get into that issue I'd like to also include how he told me the other night that he wants me. And ik it had nothing to do with sex. I didn't respond but simply smiled because I was caught off guard. ik he knows that I am very much into him however.

The problem: It's AMAZING when we are together but when we aren't , he hardly texts me and never calls. 2 days after that wonderful night, he sent me a "morning" text and I replied with "good morning" but that is all its been lately and I feel like I'm getting mixed signals. What do you think? And sorry for the long post:/


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  • Texting is totally lame.

    • Is that y he wouldn't respond? Men don't like texting huh?

    • I can't speak for most men or anything. But I think it's almost totally pointless. Time spent in person is the only reliable indicator. Seems pretty stupid to have a guy that you get along with in, you know, REALITY, and be upset because he doesn't text.

    • Yeah you're very right. I totally agree. Thanks for the advice. :)

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  • Actually you are sending mixed signals. He wants you and you basically blew him off. He's probably saying to himself, I opened up to her and it didn't mean anything to her. Probably questioning if he is waisting his time with you.

    • Really? Is that because I didn't respond when he told me he wanted me? And what exactly does that mean? I'm not very "dating-smart" when it comes to those things. But, I'm almost positive it didn't mean sex. Also, I showed him that I was really into him, I don't know why he's been so quiet to text or call me since, he knows I like him.

  • Just tell him that you want to talk to him more, and that would make you happy. He'll understand. :)


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  • i don't think he is that into you. he likes you but he dosen't want to pursue you