Is this a true confirmed fact about sngle men in their 40's and 50's?

A guy who is friend of. mine told me this as a man point of view. This giy is 51 divorced with 2 kids in their early 20s.
At this moment he lives alone. The mother has the kids. He is not dating any woman at the moment but he had been a guy who likes to hang out with women but nothing serious even getting laid if he wishes could be with women younger than him. Nice example for his kids go figure.

At this point in his life he tells me he does not want anything serious with any women he could meet he is not in that age to put up with drama of a more real relationship especially when he is divorced.

Of course there are men in his age group and divorced who still like to get married again and be serious. Go figure. So he says that men in his age group particularly, any men, who is still single just want to have fun fool around and move to the next one when they finish having fun with the last one. This guy says that single men in that psrticular age group behave like that. Dont want seriousness in a relationship with a woman especially when they are still single (regardless if they had never been married before ever but still single or they been around cause they are divorced or separated) and also they are not in an age where they tolerate s*** or drama from women and dont want to waste time. Girls are we really that dramatic or not all women are like that?
In this age and era where relationships are disposable for some and technology is present. Do guys of that certain age group and single think like that or not all men are the same and some even still believe in commitment relationship with a woman?

Your thoughts?
Is this a true confirmed fact about sngle men in their 40's and 50's?
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