Do you think it's possible that this guy I've been dating will change the way he talks to me?

Do you think it's possible that this guy I've been dating will change the way he talks to me? We've only been on 6 dates, and as time goes on it has gotten better, but he talks A LOT and talks over me. I feel like it's 75% him and 25% me :( I feel like my voice isn't heard. He aims to please me and really likes me and is open to suggestions. He also has ADD so his rambling can be a cause of that. But he'll talk for 5 minutes straight about a story that I show no interest in and he doesn't realize I'm bored. He doesn't realize when upset, in pain, etc. Can these things change if I say something, or are these traits that are who he is and I should move on? I don't think he even realizes what he's doing, but he doesn't catch my hints and body language very well :(


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  • This is a trait or error people don't notice until they're called out on it.

    If you say it's a -if you lose it's not a big deal- thing, then you can always tell him to respond to what you've said and you can always tell him it seems as if he didn't really care for what you have to say. I have a friend who had this problem, she had a big discussion about it and it got better - though let's not forget she was in relationship with the guy.

    • Hmm, OK, well I guess I can try saying something. It's worth a shot, since I like him, but his talking patters are annoying and frustrating at time.s

  • I was married for 5 years to a woman who would talk over me. I tried everything to get her to change her behavior. If you are like me, you hate it. Don't make the same mistake I did by thinking you can change it.

    • Oh no! Really?! Ugh... well I don't know him that well and he comes across nervous and like he's trying to impress me so I'm giving it time. It does get better, but I don't know if it gets that much better.

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