Pick which reason you think is restricting my date-life the most?

Here's a list of things I think are hindering me, and I'd like to know which women are actually bothered by.. Basically, I'd like to know which ones I'm just over-analyzing and shouldn't give a crap about, versus the ones I should work on.

1) No job / monetary income (I'm focusing on college)

2) I'm more of a follower than a leader, when it comes to inviting people out and starting fun social events.

3) Men think of me as a "rich kid" and women think of me as a "good friend"

4) My house is a mess

5) I'm an athletic build (Even I like it when someone is bigger, something about a sense of protection, and its more comfortable)

6) I ignore retarded comments or when women try to tell me about their bad dating life issues (cause if I were to open my mouth and be honest, they'd hate to hear what I had to say, even though I wouldn't TRY to be rude)

7) I always feel and act like I'm a "friend".. (I rarely take risks/etc)

8) I'm not very conversational unless I know the person well, or if they are genuine good company

9) Apparently, I look very "angry" a lot of the time that I'm just walking around.. Yet when I smile or laugh, etc.. People stutter and trip over themselves.. So now I just do me, but it doesn't seem to be working well at all.

10) I've been used in a lot of the relationships I've been in.. Out of my own stupidity, and because IT SEEMS like women aren't attracted to my personality -> It seems like they are attracted to my behavior, belongings, intelligence, or family.


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  • 1) A job boosts your confidence and thickens your wallet.

    2), 3) Not a big deal.

    4) Clean your house and you will be less stressed.

    6) You are avoiding the friend zone this way.

    7) Grow a pair, at least once in a while.

    8) You have to fake it till you make it. Feign interest and maybe the conversation will improve.

    9) ...

    10) Quit that victim mentality. People use each other all the time, and the majority of it is good honest using. "You scratch my back, I scratch yours".


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  • 1. Probably a big factor, it improves who you are as a person and makes you look like more of a provider

    2/3. No biggie... being a good, rich friend isn't a bad way to start!

    4. Clean you're house, most girls don't like slobs, but most girls won't see it on the first few dates anyway

    5. How is this a bad thign?

    6. Nothing wrong with thtat, they should shut up about it.

    7. Be more aggressive, that would bother me

    8. No one likes a bore, start talking

    9. You probably don't look approachable, along with the shy nature, Could be killing your chances

    10. Get therapy

  • 1) get a job so you can have money

    2) party guy = douchey guy friend friend not bf

    3) work on how men perceive you

    4) shows a lack of life skills i.e. a guy who expects me to cook/clean/do his laundry

    5) bigger = threat ... for me. I like cut not muscles

    6) judgmental

    7) friend is good

    8) work on conversational skills

    9) be approachable

    10) develop one- get hobbies/interests/passions/skills. do you know who you are?

  • I'd say the one what is mostly restrictful when it comes to relationships in my opinion is 10, that would be a big problem for everyone :)

  • only number 7, you need to show that your interested in someone.

  • I see no reason. There's nothing wrong with anything you've listed here.


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  • 1) If you're in school then work doesn't matter... women seem to be attracted to men who have purpose, not just men who have jobs. That's why starving musicians and artists are still attractive. Don't sweat it, focus on school then career. :)

    2) You're probably just a thinker and you take more time making choices. I think your leadership maters most when she's leaning on you for support. I wouldn't sweat this either.

    3) I suspect this is you assuming how others' perceive you, so it's not likely accurate. But, even if it's true, being a good friend is not a bad place to be... it's only a step away from being a good lover if you ask me.

    4) Is it messy or is it dirty? Dirty = Disease = slob, etc. Messy = typical dude. Try this... keep your place more clean and your every day anxiety will automatically decline. I promise. And women love men who keep a clean place...

    5) Stay fit, it's a plus.

    6) Having an opinion is a good thing. But being judgmental about the problems of others will turn her off. Plus it'll make you jaded about the world around you. I suggest having as much awareness as you can about how you judge others or yourself. Then your comments and opinions will be more welcome. :)

    7) Being friendly beats being a d***.

    8) Being quiet makes you "mysterious..." unless you never smile, then it makes you angry.

    9) Ah... try raising your eye brows more when you're thinking, instead of furrowing them (makes you look mad) and try smiling more. One smile can change everything.

    10) It's better to be cheated than to not trust. Accept that you got used, but don't let it make you a victim. Think of it like this... obviously she needed something you could give her, and in your own way you helped her out. Just make sure you put yourself first too, because it's YOUR responsibility to keep yourself happy, healthy, safe, and secure. Only then will you have extra energy to do the same for your woman.

    ~ Robby

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