He Kissed My Friend - Wait or Get Over It?

Okay, I met this guy in university. He's super cute, outgoing, and cool.

Since the start of September,

weve done everything except have sex. (Weve had oral, and all that other "fun" stuff. lol)

Hes kissed me, but never in front of other people.

about two weeks ago, we were at a party, drinking was involved and he kissed my best friend. I was upset for a bit, but I decided to play it cool, and let it go. they didn't mean for it to happen.

anyway, after this party he hasn't been the same around me. he started seeing this other girl. and he's made out with her in public.

im starting to think he's doing this to make me really jealous or something, because I was with my best guy friend and only then did he put his arm around this girl and whatever.

i get really mixed feelings because he always sits really close to me in class lectures and stuff, and he watches me hockey games (this other girl is not in it)

how should I approach the subject?

should I get over this guy, or wait for him?

someone please tell me what you think!


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  • You can't be serious.the signs are there if you choose to believe.

    1 He kissed your best friend at a party. Who told you, the guy? I think not. Probably your BFF!

    2. He is seeing another girl and they date in public, makes out with her etc. Ewe PSA's

    3. You had 'sex fun' without sex. Nice.for a booty call. No PSA action with you. CLUE!

    He's not into you, move on. You are not his girfriend and worse, you are not PSA material. Do you really want that? If so, be prepared to be his other woman in between the girls he's into. Sounds pretty lame to me. But some women will settle for that. Just make sure that you are happy with your choice.

    He sits close to you in lecture and elsewhere.well good for you. Is that really good? If he could get action from you without any type of committment I guess he's getting everything he wants. If you want to have a NSA relationship and you can handle it you are in a perfect relationship already. If you are looking for more, you may be out of luck.

    Hint: don't believe what he says because actions speak louder than words.


    • Thanks for putting it so bluntly.

      this was the answer I needed.

      helps alot. I just didn't want to face the truth, the truth being that he's a dumbass. lol

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  • #1 rule about cheaters = once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Ditch the dirt!


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