Not even a kiss.. What does this mean?

I went to my boyfriend's house for over 4 hours. He has the house to himself so it was just us. We had popcorn, smoked, and watched two movies. He didn't make a move the entire night.

When I was leaving he only lip kissed me twice. The second time I went in for more (tongue) which went well.

Then I kissed him tongue again and he said "I'm seeing you in a few days!" and stopped kissing me.

Then as I was leaving he came and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek.

Am I a bad kisser or something?

What's going on?

Second. Guys, is it a turn-on or a turn-off if I made a move when we were watching a movie?

Third. Is it okay if I jokingly tell him "if next time it takes you four hours to make a move I'm killing you!" or something like that?


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  • Don't over think it. I was with my girlfriends place for the first time and her parents weren't home, so we were alone. It didn't take us 4 hours but I was a little nervous about the situation. anyways. We both wanted to kiss each other but also wanted the other person to start. I didn't want to and neither did she. That might of been how he was feeling. He might of thought that it would be bad if he tried to kiss you more or something. He was probably just trying to move slowly and be cautious.

    regarding your question. It really doesn't matter when or where you try to make a move. Any guy would get turned on if their girl did.

    and for question number two. It would be cute if you said something like that. "if next time it takes you four hours to make a move" that's good. I'm killing you is a little much. maybe "ill hurt you" if he's works out you should definitly say that. just make sure you smile or say it in a cute voice or else he might think your serious. lol. hope that helps.

    • thanks alot!

      I just spent all day with him today and it went great! We kissed a few times but mostly talked. The thing is this is a big change for the both of us. I mean we're not really the relationship-y type, you know? So I think that's just it. He has the same feelings I do. We're scared!

      And about him thinking I'm being serious. He won't, I'm always joking around like that! haha

      this is great though. thanks a lot!

      Sometimes I forget that guys get nervous too... That's normal, isn't it? haha

    • ahh I get it. I can sympathize with not being the relationy type. lol. you two are just trying to feel each other out and see what's acceptable. I hope for the best!

    • true. thanks :)

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  • Us girls tend to over-analyze too much. He made time for you, the french kiss went well and he hugged you and kissed both cheeks. He wasn't in the mood hun, nothing to stress. Ps, don't say that, in fact don't say anything.

    • ya I know. we do over-analyze.

      I should just let it go.


      i needed that reality check. haha