I am a nice guy- a sucker-I'm 40 and get the wrong type of girls almost every time. can I change?

it would be nice if I could love a woman that is decent to me. I instead always choose an emotionally unavailable woman. I have no problem hooking up by I always choose the nasty mean women. I'm so sick of it

Damnit I'm fighting this being depressed crap. Getting another girl isn't going to help. Working too hard won't help. I find myself thinking about my x every free second. I hate it! I miss her face and her touch and her smell. I wish I could be heartless like her and feel nothing.
Damnit she called and I answered. She loves to throw crumbs at me and give me hope that she might love me again like she used to. She is holding a year and a half grudge over something that was not even my fault and that I already apologized for. Why would she tell me this S$#%. And why can't I let go grrrrrrrr


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  • The only women who aren't taken at our age are total psycho losers.

    I suppose the same could be said about the men. : D


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  • I hope you found the right woman now.

  • Well then maybe you should go and find a a younger girl. Someone sweet, caring and loving like me. I'd know how to treat you right ;)

    • wow thank you and I wish you would be able to prove it lol

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    • oh wow hahahahahahahaha its a small small world

    • I didn't know I never told you this was me. LOL

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  • you know its the luck of the draw. and yes lady luck is hard to get

    honestly I see this problem more often then anything. including in my personally experience

    it has actually come to point that being single and content with it is just fine by me lol

    but anyways on topic. yeah it can change. just keep looking. travel more. explore more.

    open your connections. make yourself be more available out there. go to public places

    meet new people. more socializing. ull find someone like that :D best of luck!

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