What would you guys do in my place?

I have a crush on this guy who used to go to my school, but doesn’t anymore. I have an instagram fake account and messaged him without any further intentions.

He got it and asked me for my reasons for having a fake one. We got into deep psychological discussions. He wrote me so much stuff and tried to help me out.

I admitted being a girl from his school and finding him handsome. He said I should creat a real one and message him there. I did it he was kind but nothing further happend.

This happend one year ago and I always find myself creating new fake accounts and finding myself back to him. When ever I have some problems in my life he’s like my psycholog. He even asked me if I’m the same girl like one year ago and of course I didn’t dare admiting it and answered with no. I told a friend about it and she thinks he pretty sure he knows it’s me. Just because of my writing style and my probelms and overthinking.

Lately we got completely off topic and we started asking each-other out about personal stuff and he said he would really like to see a picture of me and thinks I’m cute.

I don’t know what to do know! I wanna get to know him, but don’t want to seem creppy for being the same girl and our background-story with the fake accounts too... Why does he want pictures when he knows I’m the same person? What would y’all do?
What would you guys do in my place?
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