Should I try to start over and take her back?

So my recent Ex and I were together for just short of 2 years and I enlisted into the army after we were together for about a year. After basic training and everything I went home in December and she claims I ignored her and focused too much on seeing my family and friends who I hadn't talked to in months and she repeatedly brings up how terrible I treated her during my stay at home for that week. And she isn't wrong, however in March I went out to the field and lived in the desert for a month and came back to her arguing with me over something I said to another friend months prior and she only found out by going through my snapchat and reading my personal conversation, something I never once did to her or even asked from her. The conversation with that friend was me venting about our relationship at that time and I cleared my chest about some issues. A few weeks later and she refuses to call me and hardly talks to me even though I desperately reached out to her repeatedly almost daily. At one point a friend of mine committed suicide and I was in a very rough place and I told her about it and for a day I believed she was going to help me through it. But then a couple days later she breaks up with me and now after all this time I'm still in love with her because she was everything to me and I couldn't bring myself to talk to any other girl. However, I found out recently that she went on a vacation with and had sex with a friend of hers but now she's telling me she still has feelings for me but then we got into another argument and she repeatedly brings up past mistakes I've made and how I've changed in the army. I still really love her and it broke me even more to hear that she's been with another guy but I really want her back. Should I forgive her for abandoning me and try to put everything aside so we could potentially try again? Or should I try to move on and find someone else?
Should I try to start over and take her back?
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