How do I overcome this embarrassment and from being hurt?

I met this guy not too long ago in person twice. We met online in January. This month, he ended up adding me on Facebook compared to everybody else we met online. While talking, we both wanted what we wanted. We clicked.. He told me I was the prettiest chick that was interested in him. Whenever I met him in person for the first time, I wasn't having it. His lifestyle was a little out there. He wasn't attractive to me at all. His temper was out there.. I got blamed with an immature card TWICE. One for having a bad day at work, and it was his way of "not getting to know me." Another was for reading something incorrectly. All before I met him, and it was so wrong of me for even meeting him face-to-face. Our second hangout, I ended up staying the night. Staying the night, we had sex... YIKES! I was tired from a 8-9 hour shift. I wasn't feeling the sex. My typical work day, I am walking for a good 7-8 miles. Maybe less. Everything was awkward. It wasn't right. After waking up and having our second hangout, he kissed me goodbye. I stopped hearing from him.

From our second hangout, he told me he lost interest because I wasn't feeling the sex. Personally, I'm hurt and embarrassed. I had to push at him to tell me what's wrong.. He wouldn't give me a chance to work things out. He said he didn't want us to end like this, yet had the audacity to walk away from me as if I was nothing.

All my friends are telling me I dodged a bullet from his personality, his temper, his drug problems for doing cocaine and having friends that passed over from more than just that... I don't think I'm bad at sex. I was literally so nervous, yet super sleepy. I wasn't having it at all. It was 2 in the MORNING. I wanted sleep.

I'm freakin' embarrassed. I don't know how to move on from this.. Part of me feels like he'll try and check on me later in life. He hasn't blocked me on Facebook, though I did stop checking him on Facebook.
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From his temper, our second hangout... He was FREAKING OUT because he couldn't find a TV cord. Here I am, super tired from work. He was freaking out. Cursing like a sailor. I just stared at him because it was quite disturbing...
How do I overcome this embarrassment and from being hurt?
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