Age gap question, What do you think?

I've answered a few questions here, so I thought it's time to see what you think. Me and a some friends were talking about the subject of cougars versus older man dating younger women and it seems society is biased against the men. What do you think and why?


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  • either one is fine with me as long as both parties are of age and know what they are doing

    • ^^ this. I don't think it's right if girls are still in their teens/early twenties and 40yr old men go for them

    • @Aries11w What's your opinion on girls who are still in their teens going after 40 old men?

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  • Society was never biased against older men dating younger women.

    That's been going on since the middle ages.

    In today's age it's normal for men to be prefer women 10 to 20 years younger than their own age.

    Most marriages are older man/younger women.

    Notice how there is no universal name for an older guy going for a younger woman like cougar.

    If you want to go out with younger women go ahead since most women are willing to compromise on looks.

    • "...go ahead since most women are willing to compromise o looks." That cracks me up!

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    • then sued him in court for child support and WON her case and she came out smelling like a rose.

      Nothing to do with the age gap.

      Men are screwed legally but not romantically in dating younger.

      "it seems society is biased against the men."

      Has nothing to do with this question.

      Society is biased against women too would have nothing to do with anything if I decided to post a similar age gap question like yours.

      Stick to why society is biased against men dating younger.

    • Because the bias card won't work both genders have one, as does every race, religion, and sexual orientation.

      Is this another the world hates men rant?

      There's a hell of a lot of misogyny (woman hate) AND misandry (man hate)

      There's tons of radical feminists AND chauvinists

  • i guess it depends on age gap lol :)) as long as its not more than 15years then I guess its fine but still it depends :))

    • Cool, we'll debate that. How did the figure 15 come about and why is 15 years acceptable, but 16, 20 or more are not?

    • Coz if too old people will think you marry that person just for money even tho its not true BUT then again it depends to the person who they want okay? its just my opinion and evryone has own preferences about it :)

  • Well I'm only 18. Personally, I would date guys who are no less than 3 years younger than me and no more than 5 years older.

    And I find it fine for guys to date girls within the range I explained...

    • Ok cool, but now lets reverse it. What about a women who is 40 dating a 20 year old guy?

    • that's way too much. from both sides!

      my opinion.

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