He's not like that when I asked him if he would stop hanging out with me if he got what he wanted?

we were talking about having sex because we are both sexually attracted to each other but don't want a relationship.but I do like him! I was telling him I didn't have sex last time because I know how guys are and once they get what they want they stop talking to you and I asked him I said straight uo if you got what you wanted would you stop talking and hanging out with me? he said nah I'm not like that I won't just drop it like that.

whats he really saying? he's bad at hint taking by the way that's why I basically had to spell it out for him


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  • Well its real obvious for a guy saying that to you,its just that you gotta go through it in order to really know.Either this or you could still really try to know him more well before you go and sleep with me.Its just that,if you only really really know a guy well,only then make this move.So until your not exactly sure yourself,i'd say just trust your instincts and try to know him more...


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