Is kissing a guy friend on the lips when you have a boyfriend cheating?

i grew up someplace where you kissed your guy friends on the lips when saying hello and goodbye. the kiss is nothing more than a friendly peck.

apparently this isn't normal in america, especially when you have a boyfriend. my boyfriend gets upset when I do this, but I tell him it's part of my culture and upbringing.


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  • No it's not cheating American people are very anal that it is though!

    tell him this is who you are and that is your culture and if he can't deal with it, well you know what to do.


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  • I think it's easier to go for the cheeck next time then to go through the same discussion again.

    In many countries on the lips is reserved for the lover, but in other places its perfectly normal. The best thing to do when cultural differences clash like this is to back down a bit when it isn't more then a friendly greet to you, but a big deal to the other. In every relation you have to adjust some habits.

    But that's my opinion.

  • You're upsetting your boyfriend. We don't do that here. And the 'guy friends' you are kissing on the lips know this too.


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