Why didn't he kiss me?

I danced the night away with a guy I met on the dance floor. We had so much fun together. He told his friends he was going to hang out with me for the night. He went with my friends and I to eat after wards. Everything seemed like it was going well, until he walked me to my car!

He was so confident the whole night. he was being fun and funny and danced super close to me a few times. It felt like he was going to kiss me. He was super hot and I was pretty excited.

During our meal, my friend invited everyone (him too) to a hockey game two days out and he was all over it (he immediately expressed excitement about going and looked at me to see what I thought). I was sort of upset at my friend, because I just met this guy and I wanted to wait for him to ask me out first (and see where things went). So, I stammered in my answer, but then said that it did sound like fun.

My friends were grilling him during the meal (both my female and male friends). at first my male friends were goofing around with him and things were going good. I found out that he is a teacher like I am, in the same school district and we live less than three miles from each other. Later, one of my male friends started being cool toward the guy I just met. I don't know why.

Later, when we walked to my car, it was awkward. We got to my car and he said, "Well, I guess I should get your number or something." What? What does that mean? So, I gave him my number, and he put it in his phone (it just felt like he was just asking for it like he was obligated). Then he put out his arms for a hug and said with a smile, "It was fun!" I agreed and hugged him.

That was it. It felt weird. Why would that happen? Earlier, I felt a lot of chemistry between us and like he wanted to be close to me, but later he seemed distant. What do you guys think? I am not used to that. I am used to if we are feeling it and especially if the guy is acting very confident, he will at least want to give me a good kiss.


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  • You are totally overthinking this! You just met him one night and you are now worried that he is distant? He had to go didn't he? I mean, you guys aren't attached at the hip and don't live together right? Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, and relax! This guy was just telling you good night. He wasn't rejecting you. If you keep this attitude up, he will feel trapped and not want to hang out with you anymore. Don't mess it up xD

    • I like to analyze things. I did just meet him and everything was great, all night until that weird moment. I was hoping for at least a kiss. Dang! That is what I usually get when the chemistry is so good. I am not worried about messing it up. He has no idea I am asking strangers this question. If he calls, he calls, if he doesn't, he doesn't. I am dating other hot guys right now. I was curious about his behavior, not mine (possible reasons why that might happen or things I hadn't thought of).

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  • he probably worried that if he made a move on you he would have been rejected..Its hard to know what a woman wants after the first meeting.

  • The "I suppose I should ask for your number" was him trying to be funny, he wanted your number.

    The hug instead of the kiss was him not being presumptuous. Why didn't you kiss him?

    • Perhaps it was an attempt at humor. He was being funny all night and making me laugh. It just didn't "feel" right at that moment. It became really awkward. Thanks for the answer. I usually don't go in for the first kiss, first date, call, etc. Although, we were both already dancing on the dance floor when I turned around and saw him dancing. I just started dancing with him and he stayed there all night with me. Well, I hope he does call. We will see.

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  • Maybe he felt like it was too soon? Don't want the first kiss to be just in a car?

    Wait, give him time, he probable doesn't feel the same that you do about a kiss, if you think about it you're just a stranger to him.

    • I guess that is possible. LOL! He was placing his hands on me on the dance floor and getting super close with his body, but I have read that some people find kissing more intimate than other things like that. So, I guess that is possible. I was just really wanting to make-out with him... hahahaha... :-) In a car? So what?... He lived really close too. ;-) Any way, thanks for you answer.

    • Maybe he wants to make it special, that's what I meant, and a car isn't really romantic, or comfortable lol.

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