Why do the easier girls get the guys?

It seems.. this way. the ones willing to put out faster get the relationships.. :(

I like to wait until were dating or a relationship established but the guys usually leave and pick the other girl


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  • it's easier for girls overall because they don't have to initiate anything

    • but guys pick the girls who are easier to sleep with and I feel kinda bad I wait for something to established first.cause they leave and pick the other girl. Don't guys just go for the girls willing to put out whenever?

    • whatever, you girls just have to welcome or deny advances

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  • Guys have friend zones, too. If you don't show attraction in a guy he'll just cross you off the list and keep moving.

  • First don't change your ways. You will find a guy who is not looking for the easy score. Be patient. If you have a decent personality and you're fun to be with, the guys will come.

    • but the easy score girls get the relationship. and I want a relationship therefore, being easy is better?

    • Being easy is not good. Enjoy being single and at some point I bet you'll find a great relationship.

  • Well, some guys have no intention of ever getting married. Telling them you're going to wait until that day crosses them off your list. Other guys are willing to stick around for awhile to establish for you that they are into you for more than just sex, but they still want to have sex.

    I wasn't aware that easy women had an easier time getting anything but laid.

    • i don't mean marriage like a relationship established ..dating and there only sleeping with me is what I had in mind.

    • I don't know. Personally, I prefer to wait until I'm in a relationship, but women these days make that difficult. They want to try before they buy.

    • huh. I'm the same way.. and the guy goes to the girl who try before they buy. and I'm not waiting for marriage.. waiting for a relationship established.

  • because most guys will never say No to Sex

    • do you know how I get around it then? cause most guys will pick the girl who will put out without any problems. I just like to wait until I;m sure there is some sort of relationship relationship established like dating.. so does that mean I risk it and put out. and hope they pick me regardless?

    • well at least you don't have to initiate anything

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  • It might appear that a woman who wants to have sex with a guy gets a relationship sooner, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. What is more important (and has been said already basically), is what you want. Stick with your values. There are many guys out there that feel it is important to be with a girl who will wait instead of one who wants sex right away.

    • yeah I don't know in my situations the guys I really like want the sex.. which I;m cool with.. I just like to wait until there a relationship established like dating.. or exclusive you know? but the ditch me and go the girl I guess who will put our regardless? anyway it makes me feel lame and like I might not ever get a guy I want because of my values

    • Well, I happen to know that there are men that like to be with women who want to wait, rather than a women who won't. However, that doesn't mean he won't be having sex on the side while he is waiting for you! So...? You need to decide what you want and stick to it. Life isn't easy. Every choice has a consequence, good and/or bad.

    • well said.

  • omg, I know. all my friends who were just in it for sex got relationships out of it. although, they had messed around with a lot of guys who never wanted a relationship with them.

    im like you though, and I know how it feels to get left behind.

    • :/ yeah it really hurts and makes me feel embarrassed. Like it not like the guy not getting sex at all. I just like to wait until I know they are interested in me and relationship is established but they seem to go for the girl who will put out with no problems I guess. How do you deal?

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    • lol I feel like we're both on a mission to figure this out. being more forward is just not me so it doesn't feel right. like with this last guy, I would text first more and ask him to hang out and stuff, and even though he was always good to me, I felt like I was being desperate (and I'm not). I don't know what to do. I told myself I'm "writing off men" as in never initiating, if they wanna come to me and put in the effort, ill be receptive, but I'm just tired of worrying about this and letting it get to me

    • did you go after guy? lol I feel the same way. I feel like I'm being a creeper or something. I dunno.. sometime I think its my fault. cause If I just put out and didn't wait then maybe I would get into a relationship faster.