How will this change things?

i like this guy for 4 years and we finially dated and then broke up shortly

the next day. then we started talking and found out a sh*t load about each

other. well this weekend me and my bff went to his house and hung out well

the next day we went to his house and we ended up all over each other then

making out. he called me a couple hrs after I left his house and the next

morning he texted me I don't know how to act around him on, or what this means for



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  • Wow, four years is a long time to like someone! Well, him calling you etc is a good sign, see how it goes for a bit and then ask if you're going to be a couple.


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  • So you liked him for 4 years, dated him, broke up shortly, THEN started talking and finding stuff out about each other? So you're debating whether or not to get back together with him then. Correct me if this isn't the case, simply basing it on what you've said.

    Anywho, I suggest you consider why you broke up the first time. Think about whether or not that same issue (I assume there was an issue which lead to the original break-up) could come up again and cause problems again. If, after time has passed you both have changed and gotten to know each other differently, then for sure, give it a shot again. Since you've known each other for some time, I'd think a calm discussion about the topic isn't out the question.

    • He broke up with me because he said he didn't want to hurt me, so I'm not really asking that but like I don't know really what to think because he kissed me and started to get to knw me after he broke up with. I don't really understand. sorry :/

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